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Hi Everyone,

Is there anyone else having issues with the quality of the mounting hardware supplied with the Force units? We are getting a lot of nuts seizing up on the threads even before they are tightened. Seems to be some cheap and nasty supply of nuts and bolts.

The nut welds it's self to the thread and we end up cutting them off and replacing the nuts and bolts.

We are having to replace nearly every set.



Hey Dan,


We have seen some of this too. The bolts and nuts are like metals so you will see this issue. I would advise going to AutoZone and picking up some anti seize for your bolts. Also liquid wrench will get your bolts off without cutting them once they get stuck. After hanging around 100 of the units we have learned to keep liquid wrench in the truck.


It’s called ‘galling’. It’s not necessarily because of the quality exactly… even high quality stainless steel nuts/bolts can cold weld.

I feel like this was an oversight on Cambium's part, and an easy one to fix.  The same issue manifests itself in UBNT rocket dishes from time to time.   UBNT fixed it a while back by using Galvanized hardware on the newer rocket dishes.  Many other manufacturers do the same (as do almost all tower hardware manufacturers).  I've been replacing force hardware with galvanized leftovers from other stuff I take down as convenient. 

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We have had more issues on the AP side with bolts locking up. Liquid wrench has resolved it for most.

As ninedd stated, you are experiencing galling.

This is not a quality issue and is not an oversight. It is just a design choice that requires a certain method for assembly.

When using all stainless fasteners, please use threadlocker (I use Loctite 242) or antisieze (I use Nickel Anti-Seize). These options will lubricate the threads and prevent (or significantly reduce) galling. Other methods do work, but these are what I've used with great results.

Other materials can be used to eliminate the need for lubricant (i.e., no lubricant is necessary on the Force 110 dishes when putting the SS socket head cap screws into the inserts on the front of the dish, or when using galvanized hardware as Jacob Turner suggested).

This is generally applicable to Cambium, UBNT, RF Elements, etc. 

Thanks - Chris

We have yet to find one that we couldn't get off with Liquid Wrench.



The stainless bolts are fine. I just really wish Cambium would supply silicon-bronze nuts. Last Mile Gear has been doing this for years and we've never seen any seizing on their gear.