ePMP Force110 - recommended 28dBi or up (dual-pol) high performance antenna


Is it possible to use those antenna from radiowaves or alike for the ePMP Force110 with corresponding mounting option as well?

Anyone tried this setup...?

Thank you in advance.

I understand that antenna gain is important for the EIRP limits, while your gain  is  high your output power will be lower for the configuration.

You are limited by EIRP as was mentioned, but gain is better than power.  You will have to lower the tx power to compensate for the greater tx gain of the antenna.

I don't know what antennas are certified with the Force110 (ptp or not).  If you're in the US this may be a concern to make sure you're legal.

you can installer larger antennas, we've got a pair fo radiowaves SP5.2s on a link. be sure to tell your cambium radios the antenna gain, and it will back the power down approprately.