Epmp Force300/200-experience

Hi to all
I want to share my experience with Cambium devices,and in first the Force 300
I have it now for about almost 3 month
I us it them for main link and after mounting them I see momentaly improve with troughput not just on Wlan troughput but all so on live network.
The first firmware v4.1.2 I have litle problems with higher ping and 3-5 day rebooting SM but on my lucky the reboot heapening on night’s.
Now I have firmware v4.1.4 and it’s runing for 13 days without rebooting and the ping are lower.
I use 40Mhz channel width and link is on 6km.
I have some litle retransmisions and error drop packet.
The throughput is 305Mbps with link test, and I haven’ t yet test web speedtest behind link but:
From same tower I have second Force200 for second hop and this Force200 is configure on 20Mhz channel width and throughput is 98/70Mbps measure with web speedtest,with link test is 98/80Mbps and this link is on 9km.
In general I am very pleased with Cambium devices.
Some screan shoots from SM radio and from tower
Force300 is the upper and Force200 is the down.
Special thanks to regional sales manager Kristijan Fabina.


Thanks for the feedback and for sharing your experience with ePMP.  We are continuing to improve the performance on the Force 300 platform.  Now that the link is performing well for 2 weeks please keep us posted after a few more weeks to check in on the progress.

Are you using cnMaestro to manage these links?

- Bruce

No I don’t use cnMaestro and not configure DNS, maybee I will, but what about this little bug?
As You see in monitor performanse table is empty and total frame time is 0?

Progress with Force300

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I have the same issue as well - the subscriber module statistics table is empty.  that's quite handy for troubleshooting bandwidth performance, did you manage to fix this?

Hi chimeranzl, no I still have empty table it is sw bug, I don’t worry for now because it is working.

Update, progress with Force 300, still runing v4.1.4

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