ePMP GPS Sync "rules"

Hello all. I am sorry if this is discussed elsewhere. I have looked and haven’t been able to find this topic. New to the ePMP line. Using the 4600 series and questions about GPS Sync. In an A/B, A/B channel plan on a tower, do the back to back channel sharing radios need to have the same channel width? Is it possible to have “A Front” at 80 MHz, and “A Back” at 160 MHz, or vice-versa? My assumption is that they all need to be configured the same, as in the 450 series, but I wanted to check. I have DL/UL ratio set the same, & max distance set the same. Is there anything else that needs to be set the same on all APs?


Hey @Dustin_DeCoria welcome to the Cambium Forums!

With the ePMP platform you have to use all the same key sync settings, including the same channel width.

In regards to the PMP450 platform, you can actually use different channel widths, you just have to be careful and make sure you use the timing calculator to validate the settings.