ePMP Grounding and Lightning Protection Diagrams

Structures, equipment and people must be protected against power surges (typically caused by lightning) by conducting the surge current to ground via a separate preferential solid path. The actual degree of protection required depends on local conditions and applicable local regulations. To adequately protect an ePMP installation, both ground bonding and transient voltage surge suppression are required.


Electro-magnetic discharge (lightning) damage is not covered under warranty. The recommendations in this guide, when followed correctly, give the user the best protection from the harmful effects of EMD. However 100% protection is neither implied nor possible.

Details of lightning protection methods and requirements can be found in the international standards IEC 61024-1 and IEC 61312-1, the U.S. National Electric Code ANSI/NFPA No. 70-1984 or section 54 of the Canadian Electric Code.

International and national standards take precedence over the requirements in this guide.