EPMP LAN duplex status OID

Ive searched high and low, I found it for 450 ( if anyone was also looking)

For EPMP all I can find is OID for the configured state, not for the actual state.

Is it just not a supported SNMP metric? I could really use this. Im limited to SNMP since this is a Powercode specific need

Do you mean
. or CAMBIUM-PMP80211-MIB::networkLanDuplex?

snmpget -v2c -c MyCommunity x.x.x.x CAMBIUM-PMP80211-MIB::networkLanDuplex.0
CAMBIUM-PMP80211-MIB::networkLanDuplex.0 = INTEGER: 1
networkLanDuplex  OBJECT-TYPE
        SYNTAX     Integer32 (0|1)
        MAX-ACCESS read-write
        STATUS     current
                "LAN Duplex Mode
                        0 - Half,
                        1 - Full
                Device Allocation: AP, SM"
                DEFVAL  { 1 }
        ::= { networkLan 11 }

edit: maybe this is, like you said, the configured state. Sorry

Yes, its the configured state. I dont know if theres a get format that will result in the state using that OID though