ePMP link test withOUT MIR

subject says it.  Would be handy to be able to optionally perform a wireless link test to determine actual link capability, instead of limited to provisioned throughput.  (without having to change MIR to a wide-open setting, re-establish connection, retest, revert MIR and re-connect again)


Yes - if a client with a 5Mbit plan calls and says it's inconsistent, it'd be good to be able to do a ''wide open'' test to see if his SM is only capable of 5.3 Mbit (indicating there is something wrong) or if it's capable of 75 mbit (indicating that he's probably got an issue with his router/computer/etc).

This makes excellent sense. I think there are limitations associated with how the AP handles MIR, but it would be fantastic to see this implemented.

Further, it would allow a verification before allowing a customer to change the speed of their service.