ePMP MP 3000 MicroPOP - Mounting

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we just bought and ePMP MP 3k to cover a small rural area and we would like to know if there is any precaution to take into account when mounting it (e.g. could it be a problem to use a metallic pole, since it includes an omni antenna?)

Any suggestion will be really appreciated!

In my experience, it is impossible to lead a metal tube from the middle of the device to the top of the device. Additionally, I noticed that the MP 3000 has a rather weak signal on the back of the device. All the SM that are on the sides and the front line up about 150/40, while the SM that is centrally behind the MP 3000 back usually has about 60/40. Place the device so that its back is in the direction where there will be no customers or less demanding customers :wink:

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thank you for your suggestions.

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I would be interested in anything you are willing to share about the MP 3000’s. I have a very limited number of places I could use an AP that can’t do Sync but in a couple of those places I have considered testing two MP 3000’s back to back ( mounted on opposite sides of a utility pole and treating them like they are 180° sectors). Their compact size makes the pretty tempting vs a 3000k and a big Omni.

Since cambium has a real bad habit of selling things that can’t do what they say they can for years after release just going by the claimed specs on an ePMP product is useless.

Would love to know your experience with them and what functions may or may not be missing / buggy / not working at all (DFS Channels ?).

My arcticle about 3000MP:

(in polish). Please use translator :slight_smile:
I’m starting my journey with 3000MP. Next implementation at the end of the month :slight_smile:



I have no experience with two 3000MP in the same place, but in my opinion they will have an higher value of self-interference since they exploit omnidirectional antenna, so it is suppose that one 3000MP could cover an entire site (in a short range).

Depending on the number of contemporary users you could opt for 2/3 3000L with sector antennas, that are sold without GPS. We mount 2 of them in a site (and separately take a GPS) and we are satisfied of the achieved performance. I think that the ratio quality/price is really good.

This is just my opinion:
For the price of a e3kL and a KPP omni, the e3kMP makes almost no sense in cost/performance/lack of sync but it does make perfect sense for situations where a client needs to provide data (surveillance) to multiple buildings close together but has no way of running a cable/distance is too far and need the higher throughput of the e3k radios. But then again its complete lack of sync in any form makes a e3kL more attractive.

ValWeb, the last e3kL we bought came with the GPS antenna in the box and I have even received a thread on dust cap for the GPS port. Could be our supplier doing this as they are awesome for doing the little things.