ePMP MP 3000 MicroPOP - Omni antenna specs

Hi all,

Can anybody share the specs of the Omni antenna for the ePMP MP 3000 MicroPOP?

I’m specifically interested to know which is the vertical angle of the signal.

I’m planning to deploy one in a 20 meters tower, I want to make sure the signal will reach CPEs of 5 meters height, there is clear signal, no obstruction.

(More details: Maximum 20 Force 300-13L with plans of 10 and 20 Mbps).

Do you think I will face any challenge?


I have MicroPOP installed in several places. The most extreme location is in the mountains.
The distance of about 800 meters, on the lighting pole, at a height of about 5 meters, is 300-19. Tower is at a height of 23 meters.
The mentioned force of 300-19 reaches 200/60 :). At 300-13L, 10/20 Mbps shouldn’t be a problem :slight_smile:

This should be no problem at all. We have a 3000L with a KP DualPolarity Omni and 19 clients on it, with plans from 15 to 60 Megabit, and everyone loves it. The 3000 AP’s have nearly 300 Megabit of aggregate throughput to deal with, so <20 SMs with 10-20Mbps plans should be easy-peasy.

As always - your best thing is to make sure every client is as good as can be… everyone should modulate nearly 100% of packets at MCS9 if you want things to be their best. In other words, don’t connect anyone with a signal lick -71 just because you want to save money on the SM. If that’s as good as it can get with the best placement and aiming, then spend an extra $15 or $25 and get a 300-16 (or a 300-19) or whatever is needed to get every client a ‘perfect’ connection - and your AP will just FLY! :slight_smile:

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Are you guys (@ninedd and @PFR) referring to the actual Cambium Networks | ePMP MP 3000 MicroPOP Fixed Wireless Access Point? Or to the ePMP 3k or ePMP 3kL? My question is directed to the actual micropop device. Thanks!

Yes, I strongly recommend these solutions for deployments where the farthest customer is about 1-1.5 km with good visibility.
ePMP 3000L with an omnidirectional antenna will only give a greater range, and the price will be 30% higher. For several implementations of Micropop 3000, the solution works very well in each of them.

I was referring to the 3000L with an Omni. The performance will be similar, as far as the number of clients and throughput. You should have no problem delivering 20 clients, with plans up to 20 megabit.

For myself, I wouldn’t purchase a 3000 MicroPop – as far as I know, it doesn’t have the second radio for the real-time spectrum analyzer, nor the GPS Sync capabilities. Cambium should not have removed the AP capabilities out of the ePMP Subscriber Modules… but they did, and created this overly expensive and under featured 3000 MicroPop to try to fill that market and harvest us for more money.

However - if you do decide to get a 3000 MicroPop, you should have no problems connection 20 clients with 20 megabit plans.

I don’t know what the down tilt is on the 3000 Micropop or how far from the 20m tower your 5m high customers radios are so… I mean if one of them is 5m from the base of the tower and 5m high they are probably going to have some issues. If they are 500m from the tower and 5m high probably ok. If they are a 300-13 and several km from the tower… well that starts becoming pretty questionable again because I do know the antenna in the 3000 Micropop is really low gain.

It will also depend a lot on what channels you are using because that will determine how much power you can use.

Is the 3000 Micropop in Link Planner ? If so, and all your shots are very clear LOS then Link planner should be very accurate on what to expect from each location.

But it comes again in 4.7-Rc7

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I’ve 35 SMs connected already for 10/3 Mbps plans, I feel I’m almost reaching the limit (available frame time). Let’s see…

Yes, it’s good to see that feature return for sure! It’s always a good thing for WISPs to have more options rather than less options - so this is a good thing to see. :slight_smile:


Hi Nindedd what CPE are you using at what distances? tks