ePMP MP 3000 micropop

Hi everyone, I intend to buy an epmp MP micropop, I am in a rural area with customers very close to the Ap, maximum 1 km. I wanted to know your experience. Thank you

Disappointed.!!! Now I’m going with 3000L+Omni

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@dimas_j_perez what disappointed you?

Please have a look of the image. Pretty high SNR and even so those customers don’t get the highest modulation. Distances are not reflected correctly either. CLients are at 750m and 1.1Km. Clean spectrum. No apparent reason for it not to modulate correctly.

Dimas - I’d be interested to see the difference you get when you swap to a 3000L and an OMNI. That should be very interesting comparison, so hopefully you’ll post back here after swapping them out.

What CPE’s do your end user have?

300-25 at 1.1km and 300-16 at 750m

Dimas on the picture distances are 1,7 and 1,5 km ?

@dimas_j_perez what firmware are you using? Try updating to the latest version.

The latest firmware is a must. I’ve been pretty happy with them I have about 20 deployed all less then 1/2 mile.

@Absolute can you share your performances?

Those distances are badly reflected by the micrPoP, in reality the subscribers are located at 1.1km and 750m.

This microPoP is running on the very last version. 4.6RC29

Hi what happened at the end? still dissapointed or the 3000L with omni performed better?

It is not true on 4.6.1.
I have DS9/DS9 on 8oom without any problem. On other DS are correct too

Hi Jorge, In the end I replaced it for a 3000L with much better results, yes it improved.!