ePMP Multicast IPTV Streaming

Cambium Networks now supports reliable multicast delivery mechanism on the ePMP platform. This capability opens up opportunities for IPTV delivery services with full featured QoS support, reliable transmission mechanism and support of IGMPv3.

The system automatically detects if a customer subscribes to a specific multicast stream by handling an appropriate IGMP join request. Multicast video stream is transmitted to all the subscribed users using only the most optimum MCS (Modulation and Coding Scheme) data rate. In addition individual packets are retransmitted when needed at the presence of high interference. This mechanism ensures reliable packet delivery under all conditions.

• IGMP version 3 snooping support based on the destination multicast IP address
• The system supports full featured IGMP snooping functionality similar to wired switches. IGMP snooping is the process of listening to Internet Group Management Protocol (IGMP) network traffic. The feature allows a wireless system to listen to the IGMP conversation between an IPTV subscriber and an IPTV server. By listening to these conversations the system maintains a map of which wireless links need which IP multicast streams.
• Multicast traffic may be filtered from the wireless links which do not need them (not subscribed to) and thus controls which SMs receive specific multicast traffic. If there is no SM subscribed to specific IPTV stream it is blocked on the AP and it will not affect throughput of the whole system.
• System uses the best data rate for each subscriber to send multicast data
• System uses smart retransmissions for additional reliability
• The system also has a special mode to fix the date rate of multicast packets to send a stream to all subscribers at once. In this mode a customer can setup a fixed number for retransmission of packets