ePMP NAT mode losing DHCP server entries on LAN

I’ve seen this 3 times in the last two weeks, so maybe it is more than a fluke. The majority of our radios are run in bridge mode, so I have a limited sample set.

Here’s what happens - Customer calls in with complaint of no internet. Everything looks fine, except suddenly there are no DNS servers listed on the Ethernet side of the configuration:

They were certainly there before, but now the are gone. Also, in the downloaded config file there are no entries for networkLanDNSIPAddrPrimary or networkLanDNSIPAddrSecondary. The lines are simply gone.

Has anyone else run into this? I know the one I found this AM is running 4.4.3, but I’m not sure about the other two off the top of my head.

Hi. This won’t be particularly helpful… we run hundreds of SM in NAT mode, and never had this kind of problem. We’re running everything on 4.6.1 currently (everything from ePMP1000 2.4Ghz SMs through Force300 SMs) and we haven’t seen this at all.

It’s really quite odd. This customer has been installed for years and I think the last time the software was updated was June 9 of last year, so that wasn’t it. We don’t use cnMaestro to push config changes except on very rare occasions, so that wasn’t it.

If it only happened once I wouldn’t think anything of it.


Are you using eap-ttls with radius supplied attributes? This can change settings if not set right.

Have you tried the latest firmware?

Nope. Simple wpa2 key setup, no radius on this part of the network.

I haven’t had any reason to upgrade to 4.6.1 on this old 1k gear. If this became a big issue I’d try an upgrade first, but at this point it’s just an oditty.

We placed all of our 1k gear to 4.6.1 and seen a massive improvement in link quality and radio stability. It also makes them friendly to the 3k gear as if the two can hear each other then odd things happen, though not config issues.

The main reason to run a fw upgrade on this radio is to completely rebuild the nvram location that stores the config file. This is only done during fw updates, we do not have low enough access to manually trigger this.