epmp oid

I'm using zabbix and trying to set up some information on my APs. I want to track the registered SM count but I can't find  a oid to work for it. Also I want to track the bandwidth. 

I found this site and got some other things to work from it but I can't get those two to work. 


Hi jlkz,

cambiumAPNumberOfConnectedSTA - .  (on AP)

cambiumSTAConnectedRFBandwidth - (on SM and AP)

Example how to use:

root@ePMP1000_*****:~# snmpget -v 2c -c private localhost .
. = INTEGER: 1 

snmpget -v 2c -c private localhost                                                                        
. = INTEGER: 1

Connected RF Bandwidth:
1 for 20MHz,
2 for 40 MHz
Device Allocation: SM & AP



The Sm count is working fine. 

The second one i'm actually looking for transfer or  bandwith thats being used.  

cambiumSTAConnectedRFBandwidth is exactly what you are looking.


That one doesn't seem to be supported is there another one to track data usage?

If you want to monitor Live Throughput on AP please use next OIDs:


Object ID:


Object ID:

Cool that works. 

So to get the total usage going through the AP would it be

cambiumEthRXBytes and cambiumEthTXBytes


dlWLanKbitCount and ulWLanKbitCount

It depends where you want to monitor throughput wireless or ethernet.

Im trying the oids on my epmp 2000 and the are not returning anything

Im looking for the counters showing the bytes that the SM users are using so I can graph thier throughput


C:\snmp>snmpget -v 2c s4rfn3t
.iso. = No Such Instance currently exists

C:\snmp>snmpget -v 2c s4rfn3t
.iso. = No Such Instance currently exists

C:\snmp>snmpget -v 2c s4rfn3t
.iso. = No Such Instance currently exists

C:\snmp>snmpwalk -v 2c s4rfn3t

C:\snmp>snmpwalk -v 2c s4rfn3t

We know that the Cambium oid that monitors the number of associated customers in the AP is Could someone tell me what is the oid that represents the number of associated customers but they are just Elevator?