ePMP on Ubiquiti license

Hello. I have an internet company, this company is located in Ukraine. It uses ubiquiti software. I want to use your software instead. I was told to buy license . Its very expensive for me, because in Ukraine one license costs 15 dollars (for one client). And EPMP1000 base station costs 500 dollars. I need your help, can I buy a lisence from you directly? Thank you in advance.

If you want I will sell you my AP1000 and AP2000
Each is licensed by 10 or 30 elevate clients.

Hi Anatolii,

Ubnt Elevate licenses aren’t available any more.
The end of life has been announced in dec 2020.
If you are buying them from other users, make sure you are buying entitlement, but not the license associated to someone’s account.

Thank you.