ePMP onboarding and adding additional Maestro users

My CTO has a lot of concerns about opening up the network so the ePMP ap's can access the cloud server. What exactly needs to be done and how secure is this going to be? Who can I put him in contact with to discuss?

Also I have tried to add an additional users and it shows a new account in Maestro but he is unable to access the manager. He logs into cloud.cambiumnetworks.com and just gets to page telling him to create a company.


ePMP needs to have a DNS server configured so it can resolve "cloud.cambiumnetworks.com". Your network also allow ePMP to talk to "https://cloud.cambiumnetworks.com". This usually means having your main router allow the traffic from ePMP to go out to the internet via NAT. There is no requirement for ePMP to have a routable IP that is accessable from the internet.

Please contact me directly at rajesh.vijayakumar@cambiumnetworks.com and we can arrange a meeting to go over any concerns.

And although I say "cloud.cambiumnetworks.com", it is load balanced to multiple servers, so in reality, it is "*.cloud.cambiumnetworks.com". 

Regarding your second question, if a specific user is assocuated with multiple Company accounts, you have to explcitly selct which account to view. You can do this by clicking on the user name displayed in the top right corner after login, and selecting one of the Company accounts. I suspct this is what is happening. We understand that it is confusing to not show the multiple accounts on the page and ask the user to select one. There is already a request in place to fix this (CNSSNG-2249).

Thanks for the info. I have attached a screenshot of what my tech is seeing when he tries to get to the cloud manager.


Please send me the email adress that your tech used to login. Send it to rajesh.vijayakumar@cambiumnetworks.com.

my tech is getting the same thing

Any new manager I add is also geting this roadblock.

For the next few weeks during ePMP beta, if you have an existing cnMaestro account and are trying to add an additional administrator, please send me an email with the email address of the user you are trying to add.  Send to  emilio.dibenedetto@cambiumnetworks.com.