ePMP Portfolio Chart

Hi all,

Marrtin Gray and Sakid and team put together this incredibly useful ePMP portfolio chart that everyone can use as a cheat sheet for finding information like positioning, supported channel sizes, powering methods (is it proprietary 30V or IEE 802.3 standard 56V?), etc. It also includes some roadmap devices, which are coming soon! Enjoy!


Very informative. Thanks for sharing.

what happened to the force 220, I watched a webinar where Sakid got interviewed for the ISP Wireless radio,where he spoke about force 220 listed. I don't see it here.

This is now called the Force 300-16.

Thanks Matt 

Hi Brian do we have new ePMP Portfolio Chart ?

I believe this is the latest.

It's actually available with many others in the e-learning portal. There are basic overviews for each product line with a basic course and quiz, and this kind of collateral. If you want a high level overview for each product line, I'd recommend checking them out.


Thank you Kyle

The ePMP portfolio just keeps growing! But we can still fit them all on a single page.  Last week we announced three new subscriber modules in the Force 300 series. The image below and attached file provide a single page summary of all the current ePMP products.   - Bruce