ePMP - Possibility to configure RSSI Leds

The ability to change the threshold of RSSI leds. (ex. 0led= <-80dBm, 1led= <-70 2led=<-65 3led=<-60)

Well, the LED's are essentially un-seeable anyway, particularly on the Force200's.  So - MUCH brighter LED's and also MUCH better placement of LED's would go a long way towards them being useful as aiming aids.  :)

i  agree it would be nice to be able to set to what the lights go on and also lights are hard to see and not too bright, i have to put my hand to make a shadow to see them half the time

We are facing problems in PTP 550 radio did not support multiple VLAN traffic sharing while Force 200 work properly , kindly suggest the same.

Hi ajay_1987!

VLAN functionality is available in the beta software You can download it on our support site: https://support.cambiumnetworks.com