ePMP power with solar panel


I am working for some project : harbour, boat, trucks, stand alone PTP on a mast, ...

I need to have some autonomous system for ePMP 3000, 300, 200.

Can we build a cable to powering the radio with 12, or 24, 48 volts from a group of batteries ? i think, i need a DC/DC converter to regulate the voltage.

I have tested the F180 with a battery 12V, connected with a jack in a passive injector. it's OK.

But, what about for the others ? It seems to me, that is 30V for these 3 radios.

But, If i have a very short cable, perhaps 12 or 24 volts is  ok ?

I don't know what is the real voltage for the hardware inside. For example, if i have 10 m between the radio and the power battery, it's ok for 12 or 24 V ?

Thank you,


The 3000 will run fine off 48v for up to 100+m using CAT5e, the 300 will run fine using 24v up to 100+m using CAT5e. We run both off Netonix switches, and those are the voltages (24 and 48) Netonix offers. 

Here is a quick drawing with parts list of how I would -possibly- wire the SM's.

Pic drawing will not turn the way I would like it, so I attached it as a file. You can turn it anyway you want after downloading it. 

You want the charge controller so battery does not overcharge and so battery can not be completely disharged. 

You can substitue a larger solar panel, battery, and 48v step up converter for AP/group of AP's. 

50 watt solar kit

35Ah battery

12v to 24v dc-dc converter

2.1x5.5mm pigtail

passive PoE injector



OK thank you !