Epmp - Preferred Ap Backup

I would know, on your roadmap , if cambium release on low cost epmp radio the same function already available on major unit pmp450m.

When you choose a prefered ap-radio , the first is primary ssid-radio and the follows are backup ssid-radio

Sometime when you choose a lot of prefered ap , the epmp don’t return to primary with the better signal

Other Brand as Albentia’s cpe, this feature is available

There is already a very very very very long standing request to ePMP development to make this happen. You can read more on this HERE.


Hi Eric…
Your post is five year older, after all this time , i think that cambium don’t want this feature on low cost cpe.
All cambium’s competitor in low cost cpe as mimosa c5 or albentia or ubiquity, have this type of feature.

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Exactly — virtually ALL brands recognize the absolute necessity to have this feature. There’s ZERO reason to have a backup SSID feature, unless you also have a mechanism to climb back up to the primary SSID.

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So once upon a time Cambium was the only working GPS sync solution and handled (still handles?) noise better than any other solution out there (especially their higher end 450 radios). And they could get away with charging a premium for anything and everything and offering almost no other useful features. Yet even though everyone else has working sync now, and everyone else is getting better (are they as good as Cambium yet?) at dealing with interference ePMP seems to really believe that not only do they not have to offer new innovative / usable “working” functions/features but they don’t even have to offer basic ones that most/all others do.

Cambium builds the best fixed wireless radios on the planet IMHO but they are the worst at literally everything else…

why focus on radio end features when your busy steering your client base to a subscriptions based system for managing their network? Or how about the excessive cost for CMM sync? Considering that there is a cheaper alternative that works extremely well to the point that we dont buy CMM’s anymore, but nope, I can build a complete tower power and monitoring set for the price on a CMM and the ugps needed to run it and I get the advanced features of an enterprise grade switch.

I do agree with you that Cambium does have the best radio hardware available, but the lack of common features or a requirement to continuously pay extra to get features we dont need does not equate to being able to charge a premium for said hardware.