ePMP Release 4.5.6 is now available

You’ve joined the cnPilot Beta, but I don’t think you’ve joined the ePMP Beta (at least, not with the account that you’re currently using). There are separate programs for each product line.

See this post for more info:

…and then see this link for ePMP Beta release announcements (you won’t be able to access it until you’ve joined the ePMP Beta program):


This post lists most of the 4.6 improvements (note that the rc28 release was withdrawn but rc29 includes the same changes):


Has anyone had EPMP2000 APs hard lock on 4.5.6 firmware? Ethernet port is still up, but completely hard locked? Something that may happen before this is constant reboots prior to just locking up. Really hard to say… but dropping back down to 4.4.3 stabilizes it.

Same issues here going back to 4.5.5 4.5.6 has bugs on some radios not all.

So is anyone rocking the 4.6 beta for epmp 3000 and ptp 550? How has performance been?

edit Also, I was told many had put the target receive level to -50 on the epmp 3000, has this helped?

So I had another 3000L AP running 4.5.5 which was reporting GPS Down and 0 Satellites. I power cycled, and it can suddenly see 21 Satellites again.

I figured I’d take the opportunity to upgrade to 4.5.6 and see if that helped. So, at 2AM I upgraded the AP and the 10 SM’s to 4.5.6 – and now we have a number of them displaying as their IP. To be clear, the customer’s internet is working, and since we know what their real IP address is, we can still log into the SM’s via their correct 10.123.1.xxx I address assigned to them. But the AP’s display is incorrect.


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