ePMP Release is now available

Supported Platforms:

  • ePMP 11n and ePMP 11ac families
  • Elevated XM and XM

Software can be downloaded at: https://support.cambiumnetworks.com/files.

Resolved Issues in

Tracking Description
ACG-11288 Fixed an issue for when the Separate Wireless Management Interface is not able to get the IP assignment.
ACG-11375 Fixed an issue to exclude certain character symbols that can be used for user passwords, WPA passwords, etc.
CAMBIUM-17670 Fixed an issue for ePMP 1000 is reset to factory default via power sequence when the “Reset via Power Sequence” setting is disabled in the configuration.

There was some discussion in the 4.6.0 thread about whether or not MU-MIMO was working. Attached is a screen shot of the throughput of to confirm that MU-MIMO works fine in


This screenshot was taken when I upgraded the second bank on the AP & SM’s to
Also, this AP only has 7 clients connected presently - but this shows 209 Mbit being pushed by cnMaestro while upgrading, and of that 154Mbit of that went MU-MIMO.


Thank you for the post! So that was a link test done from Maestro or while it was updating?

That’s not a link test… it’s the actual throughput on the radio while cnMaestro was pushing firmware images out to all the SM’s on that AP all at the same time.

Sorry after I posted I realized I misread ninedd

no good way to stress test?
Iperf3 nodes everywhere and run at least 10 streams, dual direction.
we have a Linux-Iperf server node at most of our towers and JPerf on our laptops. We also can remote into the nodes and test from there. Just make sure your nodes have two ethernet ports, one for remote connections and another for testing to/from.

The canopy gear was a different breed. It done things that would both make you cringe and elated at the same time. And for the record, the test in canopy was by no means a stress test, it was a flood test which could be hampered by qos settings.

The epmp gear uses a version of iperf for the link test, what I would like is the configuration for it to be exposed so we can modify it as needed to actuall stress a link or a series of links, but then again thats what we use our iperf nodes for.

Acabo de actualizar dos
ePMP Force 300-13L suscriptores y el ap epmp3000l todo bien pero los suscriptores se quedaron en IP debido que es de madrugada veremos si reiniciando los equipos se soluciona el problema todos los demás equipos como force 300-25 sin ningún problema, trate de ingresar por mac-telnet y me rechaza la conexión a pesar de estar habilitado.

Si su radio / IP de administración permanece en, entonces tiene problemas con la radio que no recibe DHCP correctamente. A veces, se requiere una pérdida de energía para obligar a la radio a procesarse correctamente después de una actualización.

Can I connect f180 and 190’s to a epmp3000? will Mu-Mimo work with this FW?

Yes, you can connect all older e1k clients to e3k. Yes, MU-MIMO does work with this firmware on e3k (assuming that you have at least some e3k clients optimally spaced across the sector). MU-MIMO does not work if you only have e1k.


Hi Eric, I had tried connecting a force 180 to a epmp3000L and it did not work… I am going to revisit this as maybe I did not have correct firmware on the 180… was there a firmware for the 180 when it would not work in connecting to a epmp 3000… I must of had wrong firmware on the 180… I need to revisit this.

Firmware prior to 4.x will not connect.


Run the 4.5.6 or higher to get force180 to connect to 3kL.

Currently on both ends works fine, just make sure you are scanning the frequency of the 3kL and not using special characters in your wpa code.

Are there any issues with ePTP mode on Just upgraded a link and it is unusable. Roll it back to 4.5.6 and it behaves fine.

This message is in monitor>wireless>

SM deregistered - SM KeepAlive RX stuck

I had issues with 4.6 with ptp 550 in ptp mode, unstable and random hard reboots.


Could you please send me Tech Support Files, if possible?
The issue with “KeepAlive RX stuck” reason has been seen before as well but on very rare occasions. It can be just a coincidence or the reproducibility rate could increase in 4.6.
We are already in progress on that issue, but we still missing some parts of a puzzle, so Tech Support File can help us a lot.

Thank you.

That’s the most I’ve ever seen. Do you have any examples of this in real-world customer use rather than in this situation?

Hi Guys,
Where do i see the release note ? thanks.


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