ePMP Release 4.6.1 is now available

Supported Platforms:

  • ePMP 11n and ePMP 11ac families
  • Elevated XM and XM

Software and release notes can be downloaded at:

New Features

  • Set Max MCS Downlink values on Subscriber Modules.
  • Display GPS antenna type used on User Interface.
  • View GPS signal health on User Interface.
  • Support for the Spectrum Analyzer Tool on Force 300-22L and Force 300-25L Subscriber Modules.

Resolved Issues

Tracking Description
ACG-4998 This release adds support for GPS antenna type (internal built-in Antenna/external GPS puck) to display on the User Interface.
ACG-7465 The Max Download MCS parameter can now be configured on the Subscriber Modules.
ACG-10391 Fixed an issue for when AP is dropping some SMs on a rare occasion.
ACG-10605 Fixed an issue when the SSID field doesn’t align properly on the status page.
ACG-10812 Fixed an issue for when the PTP 550 experienced an occasional crash.
ACG-10804 Fixed issue for when the usernames were not displayed in the System Log correctly when using a RADIUS server.
ACG-10862 Fixed an issue for when a memory leak issue is observed on the Force 300 series Subscriber Modules with the Spectrum Analyzer enabled.
ACG-11026 Fixed an issue for when a Smart Antenna keeps disconnecting on an ePMP 3000.
ACG-11036 Fixed an issue for when ePMP 3000 Access Points experience occasional crashes.
ACG-11060 Fixed an issue for the MSN not displaying on the User Interface.
ACG-11154 The cold start parameters can be configured through CLI and SNMP: systemConfigStartDHT, systemConfigStopDHT.
ACG-11257 This release adds support for the Spectrum Analyzer tool on the Force 300-22L and Force 300-25L Subscriber Modules.
ACG-11406 This release improves the DFS detection performance.
ACG-11481 Fixed an issue for occasional crashes with ePMP radios.
ACG-11485 Fixed an issue for when the Watchdog activity doesn’t get logged to the system log.
ACG-11528 Fixed an issue for when ePMP and PTP550 radios were crashing with the signature ““allocated:camb_sn_tx_complete””.
ACG-11536 Fixed an issue for when the RADIUS vendor-specific attributes are not applied on Subscriber Modules if STP is enabled.
ACG-11571 Fixed an issue for when Tx Power validation is doesn’t work on a Subscriber Module, and the Tx Power is reduced automatically after switching to ePTP mode on ePMP 802.11ac radios.
ACG-11601 Fixed an issue for false DFS detections on Force 300 Subscriber Modules in ETSI regions.
ACG-11925 Fixed an issue for when the Session Time has reset after 49 days for the PTP550 Slave radio.
ACG-11993 Fixed an issue for when the reason for failed configuration files restore was not mentioned on the error message.
ACG-12020 Fixed an issue for when the MSNs from the ePMP radios were not displayed in cnMaestro.
ACG-12024 This release adds support for GPS signal health visualization on the User Interface.
ACG-12050 Fixed an issue for when the DHCP options 43 and 15 were not working for the ePMP radios.
ACG-12052 Fixed an issue for when some ePMP 3000Lradios were getting stuck and unreachable via Ethernet or Wireless.
ACG-12060 Fixed an issue for when the Spectrum Analyzer froze and make the Graphical User Interface unresponsive.
ACG-12066 Fixed an issue for when the trap ‘cambiumpmp80211GPSSyncStatusTrap’ had a wrong message type.
ACG-12178 This release provides stability improvements for the ePTP mode on the 802.11ac based devices.
ACG-12197 This release provides stability improvements for the Force 300-16 where the radio reboots on rare occasions.
ACG-12223 This release provides stability improvements for the ePMP 3000 where the radio reboots on rare occasions.
ACG-12380 Fixed issue for when user names are not displayed in the System Log correctly when using a RADIUS server.
CAMBIUM-16532 Fixed an issue for when an Elevated Intelbras has a single MAC address for both Wireless and Ethernet interfaces.
CAMBIUM-16532 Fixed an issue for when an Elevated Intelbras has a single MAC address for both Wireless and Ethernet interfaces.
CAMBIUM-17670 Fixed an issue for when ePMP radios are resetting to default through power sequence when Reset via Power sequence is disabled in a configuration.
CAMBIUM-17690 Fixed an issue for when a Subscriber Module is shown as Offline status in cnMaestro when in actuality it’s up and connected to an AP.
CAMBIUM-17811 Fixed an issue for when the FCC locked SM F180/F200 cannot connect to ROW 11n AP ePMP1000/ePMP2000.
CAMBIUM-17825 Fixed an issue for when the watchdog activities are not logged to Syslog.

I think this is the most epic fix list I’ve ever seen for ePMP!!!


@Cambium_Lena - are there any changes from RC27 to this release version? Or was RC27 simply deemed to be Release Ready as was previously discussed? The reason I asked is that I just just finished updating the whole network to 4.6.1-RC27 (except for our Force 400/425’s on V5 of course) and if this is the same software, I won’t rush to re-upgrade… but if there are differences from RC27, then I’ll go ahead and re-up everything.

And yeah Eric - what a fabulous flurry of fantastic features & fixes!


There were few minor fixes after RC27.

  1. Fix for the case when incorrect UL MCSs are displayed on the Monitor Wireless page on 802.11n APs.
  2. Fix for the issue when Country Code isn’t applied properly for India locked F130s.

Thank you.


EoIP still slowly…


Does it work on AP 1000 and AP 2000?

This feature is only for e3k. EDIT: will work on e1k GPS and e2k AP’s made after Aug 2019.

Actually it applies to every ePMP radio with 3rd generation of GPS chip.

Thank you.

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Ahhh OK. I checked all my e1k GPS and e2k AP’s that were updated to 4.6.1 and none of them displayed the GPS type (internal/external) in the GUI. I guess you have to have a e1k GPS or e2k made after Aug 2019.

Im trying to use that “Max MCS Downlink” feature and it kinda works. On a F300-25, im setting it to DS MCS 3 but from performance page it sort of limits it. SM would get up to DS MCS 7. I went ahead and rebooted SM and now it appears its being limited to DS MCS 5.

On status page MCS never rises above DS 4. I would guess the Performance page is more accurate. See attached for tech support file.
ePMP-Tech-Support.zip (1.1 MB)

Dear Fedor

I have an epmp 2000 base radio that I have upgraded both the firmware and the GPS firmware to the latest version But still yet the AP is still loosing GPS sync. Kindly help me what can I do?
Currently I still have an installed external GPS antenna puck to the base radio and it is open to the sky. Yet it is not working kindly advice what else can I do?

I can’t seem to find any documentation for DHCP option 66 for ePMP SMs.
We are constantly running into issues with field techs not using proper base config templates or just missing some settings. This isn’t much of an issue on our Canopy gear since we use RADIUS to push “Cambium-Canopy-ConfigFileImportUrl”=“tftp://serverIP/golden.cfg”. It would be wonderful if we could do the same for ePMP. If not a similar RADIUS VSA, then fallback to DHCP option 66 could be a usable solution, but what is the format? If the SM will only make a request for it’s ESN/MAC and we cannot do a ‘golden’ config file like Canopy, that would be a real bummer.

Why cant you push a config to epmp? We use per client VSAs to push the specific settings to each SM but when we onboard a SM we apply a “golden” template to the SM. Option 66 is also available though it is not documented but is noted as available in the user guide. The SM looks for a file at the location the DHCP server specifies. The file format is the same as the template format from cnMaestro or the config backup (same thing), infact you can make a clean config from an SM and download it, then delete the SM network name and mac addresses from the config file to make universal to the platform, ie only for epmp. Then specify this file in DHCP option 66 with a mac address filter to ensure it doesnt try to apply to a canopy radio.

Force 300-25 running 4.6.1 has problems with ePMP 1000 AP running 4.4.3. Frequent drops and wild speed fluctuations. Resolved by downgrading SM to 4.4.3 or 4.5. Does have me concerned about rolling this release out. If the ePMP 1000 AP was running 4.6.1 would I still have this issue? Scared to roll out 4.6.1 at this point. Ugh.

It’s best to have AP and SM running the same firmware. Why would you downgrade SM instead of upgrading AP?


Gosh - why are you mixing firmware versions? That’s going to cause weird problems quite likely. :slight_smile: We’ve always found that the best results are with the AP and all SM’s to have the same firmware versions.

If you think about it, the only reason to come out with new firmware, is:

  1. Need new features, or
  2. Discovered bugs or shortcomings in older version.

So - 4.6.1 resolved bugs and added features not found in 4.6.0 or 4.5.6 or 4.4.3… then upgrading only 1/2 of the radios to the bug free version isn’t likely going to work very well. :slight_smile: I’d strongly recommend having the AP and its SM’s on the same firmware. For us, 4.6.1 is deployed on everything (AP’s SM’s 5Ghz & 2.4Ghz PTP550 and all Force300 Backhauls - and no issues showing up for us.


We have found that the v4.x firmware is NOT mix and match… having just a single SM with a different version of 4.x.x will very often cause problems that affect the client or the AP.

We have customers move in to places we already have service installed and plugging in radios that haven’t been online for many many months sometimes. Since 4.x.x firmware this causes all kinds of problems sometimes.

It seems the higher the version the less friendly it is with anything other than itself.


Thank you for reporting that. We will check and revert to you.

Thank you.

Could you please attach the screenshot of Monitor → GPS page?

Thank you.

I agree. But I dont usually update all APs immediately after a release comes out. I find that to be kindly dangerous on a large network. And it just so happened we had some SMs our installers were trying to use that were on 4.6.1. I can surely work towards getting all APs & SMs on the same version but it wouldve been nice if it had been disclosed this was a requirement to use 4.6.1.

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