ePMP Release 4.6.2 is now available

Supported Platforms:

  • ePMP 11n and ePMP 11ac families
  • Elevated XM and XM

Software and release notes can be downloaded at:

Resolved issues

Tracking Description
ACG-12622 The highest available frequency for ePMP3000L and Force300CSM is now limited to 6070MHz.
ACG-12655 The fix for an issue where the Force 300CSML might be unreachable after firmware upgrade on rare occasions.
CAMBIUM-18288 The fix for an issue where the Force 180 6 GHz device experiences issues with the auto- negotiation set to 1 Gbps port speed.
CAMBIUM-18309 The fix for an issue where the configuration doesn’t save after the Force 130 radio is rebooted.
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A new firmware version today (4.6.2) but sadly again - no increase in the PtMP on Force300 SMs hard-coded association limit was rolled into this release yet again. This PtMP discussion has been ongoing for YEARS now - ever since the PtMP feature was removed from the Force300 SMs.

And today (Oct 20th 2021) there is another new 4.6.2 firmware version posted, and sadly yet again, no increase in the hard-coded association limit from 1 to 12 was rolled into this release.


Hi Todd,

We do remember that we promised to increase SMs limit on Force300s operating in AP TDD PMP mode, and this is already done in the scope of the 4.7 firmware version. The 4.7 Beta will be released in the nearest future.

4.6.2 is an emergency release that covers critical bug fixes for people who are using F130, F180(6GHz), and F300CSMLs devices. We didn’t take a risk pushing the increased SM limit into 4.6.2 since it affects a lot of functionality and would delay the release because of testing, bug fixing, etc.

Hope for your understanding.

Thank you.


but why ACG-12622 ??


What is the Force 180 6 GHz?
Does it mean Force 180 5 GHz?

Thank you

I tried to upgrade ePMP-AC-v4.6.2.img in one of my working Force 300:

Hardware Version 5 GHz Force 300-25 Radio (ROW/ETSI)
Software Version 4.5.6
Software Version (Active Bank) 4.5.6
Software Version (Inactive Bank) 4.5
Firmware Version U-Boot IPQ40xx 2012.08.12 (Apr 06 2020 - 18:21:30)

and it just halts at the reboot. I have to disconect and reconect the power to recover it to the same state as before with firmware 4.5.6

¿What is happening ?

Hi @gorsacv,

Is there everything fine with connectivity?
“halts at the reboot” does it mean it does not come back after you push reboot button or does it stop responding before reboot request?
Is this radio installed in a field or on your table?
Did you try some FW in the middle i.e. 4.6.0?

for the ptp 550 is 4.6.2 necessary then ?

If you already have 4.6.1 in your PTP550 you can keep it. There are no changes for this platform.