ePMP Release 4.6 - Known issues

Hi all,

One major issue has been detected today.

When ePMP Force300s SMs are operating in NAT mode with Separate Mgmt Interface, they are not always able to obtain IP address when configured to DHCP.

We will come up with the bug-fix release shortly.

Thank you.

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I have upgraded to 4.6 on a epmp 3000 AP but I have this showing…

Is this a bug? I know I have seen someone else post something similar on the forum but could not find it.

Did you follow the pocket manual for the ePMP3000 Step #6 in particular ?
I recently opened a ticket with Support for this problem (ticket 246066) and was told :

“Also, the smart antenna for the ePMP 2000 and ePMP 3000 are the same, however, the pigtail connection is crossed for ePMP 3000.
For ePMP 2000 we connect left to the left and right to the right, while for ePMP 3000 it is left to the right and right to the left.”

I haven’t had the time to check this out.

Thanks Ziggy, yes the crossing of the pigtails I had already known about and can confirm it works, we had done this about a year ago.

I have upgraded a ptmp consisting of 3 force 180s to 4.6. I am not getting notifications when a dfs radar is detected. I checked the logs of the AP force 180 and confirmed a dfs detection and frequency change. Maestro did send alerts of dfs hits on previous versions.

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Thank you for reporting this.
We will check and revert to you shortly.

Thank you.

We’ve checked with F180 in AP role. F180 sends notification to cnMaestro and it’s displayed in cnMaestro.
If you could collect Tech Support File once the issue is seen again, it would help a lot.

Thank you.

Dear all,

once we upgrade some Force 300-16 in PTP configuration we notice that there is a problem with the WPA2 pre-shared key: it seems that now the “&” character is invalid, while up to the 4.5.6 it was allowed to use it.

Is there a problem and we need to change the key that have this character inside?



Thank you for reporting that.
Some characters were excluded from the list of allowed by mistake.
Users passwords are affected as well.
This issue will be also addressed in that is supposed to be posted early next week.

Thank you.

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Not a major issue but Serial Number (MSN) is not visibile anymore under Monitor->System page.

Confirmed. Will be fixed in 4.6.1.

Thank you.

Force300csm does not connect to epmp3000L in ptp-tdd mode.

Both running release version of 4.6

Fix: set the AP to TDD mode and set the single valid SM mac, on SM set the preferred AP.

Not sure if this is related. We are still on 4.6RC35 and noticed that we have a few F300 SMs that won’t connect to a 3K AP due to invalid wireless key, but will connect to a 2000 AP on 4.4.3 with the same WPA2 passphrase. We have an @ in the key.

I have some PTP 550 randomly hard rebooting on their own after upgrading to 4.6, I have a ticket open but just wanted to see if anyone else is experiencing this.

Could you please provide the ticket number?

Thank you.

Hi, sorry for late reply! Ticket number is #247622, patiently and eagerly awaiting an answer… ticket has been open for 9 days.

Thank you. I’ve checked the crash signature.
It’s not the known issue. The internal tickets has been opened to track progress on it.
I will revert to you with updates tomorrow.

Thank you.

Thank you Fedor, I eagerly await your response.

We are working on the issue right now.
We expect to get it fixed prior to 4.6.1 Beta#1 in ~1 week preliminary.

Thank you.

Hi @Fedor

which “known issue”? Something else on 550?

Thank you