ePMP security for clients. Securing your ePMP AP -to- CPE access.


How does the ePMP WISP community typically answer their potential client/s (commercial) such as businesses that are in the Financial sector or similar that ask about the security they will have when and if they select to use your services for their Internet or circuits.

We know that their is the traditional fiber, DSL or some other land-based circuits that are out there as an option (but an option that you may not provide).  Provided that these options are available in their area.

But this is generally speaking if you are then questioned or have to generate a response on what security mechanisms you may have in place as a WISP to ensure the transport of their information from their site to your NOC is secure.

What additional components you may add on top off just the ePMP AP and CPE (circuit / connection).  This is separate and apart from the customers VPN and firewalls that they will be using.  We know that the PMP 450 has FIPS-197 128-bit AES as their security.  But what if your infrastructure that can service the potential clients is built on the ePMP platform.  Keep in mind some of these additional factors:  The opportunity to use PTP is probably not possible. Probability of putting up a PMP450 just for this sector not practical / feasible.

Hearing some wireless (WISP) based approach to your scenarios would also be appreciated.

I guess the concern primarily may be for securing the OTA (Over-the-Air) connection.



ePMP uses 128-bit AES (CCMP mode) for over-the-air security. 




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