ePMP SM - signal strength ratio


Is there an OID that would tell me what the difference is between ch0 and ch1? I’ve got the OID for downlink RSSI (sum of the two chains) - - but I can’t seem to find anything for the different polarities. Really I want to know if there’s a difference and warn if I’m at 10db+ difference.

PMP450 calls this Cambium Canopy SM Signal Strength Ratio. I can’t find it for ePMP.

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Unfortunately this is not available via SNMP today.
The best you can do is monitoring via CLI.

Thank you

You’re kidding! Can we get this feature added to a newer version?

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I’ve been griping as loudly as I can about this for at least a couple years. It is frankly insane that we can’t get the per-chain signals. Every other brand of gear in our network (even gear 10 years old) could display and graph the per-chain signals.

Cambium does all sorts of great things, remarkable things – and then right in the midst, there are these awfully odd deficits. There are ‘deal breakers’ which could be fixed, but it’s like they don’t understand how critical those deficits are. It is so odd and disappointing.

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I’m sorry for the confusion, I’ve double-checked and observed RSSI per chain OIDs were already added in 4.1.3 firmware: - radio 1 chain 0 - radio 1 chain 1, - radio 2 chain 0 (applicable for PTP550) - radio 2 chain 1 (applicable for PTP550)

Thank you.

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I’m running 4.5.6 on almost every single device. - radio 1 chain 0 - radio 1 chain 1,

These seem to work just fine on force 300 but do NOT work on 2xx (200 connectorized, force 200, etc). Is that expected?

Yes, the feature has been introduced for 11AC devices only.

Thank you.