ePMP SM with multiple RADIUS servers

We are using 2 radius servers for our current deployment, one that we had for user authentication across different platforms before we started using cambium, and one that we started up just for MAC authentication for SMs on our ePMP APs. When I put both RADIUS servers in the AP configuration everything works as intended; the SMs authenticate through the first entry (our new server) and any users login fail the first server, but fall through to the second server and successfully authenticate there. However, SMs only seem to want to authenticate with the first RADIUS server listed in the AP, they never attempt to check the secondary. Is there a way to have the SM side use all avaliable RADIUS servers listed on the AP?

Edit: sorry, forgot to mention our platform stats.

We are using ePMP 1000 2.4 Radios on firmware 3.5.2 (also tested with 3.5.1)

my understanding of how the CPEs get the message is 

server 1   unreachable - go to server 2, request access

server 1 access rejected - doesn't try server number 2

if you can have server 1 not answer if its access denied rather than telling the cpe access denied you can get the result your after.