ePMP SNMP MIB and SNMP OID full name not showing in Mikrotik Dude (SNMP walk)


Having trouble with the ePMP MIB and getting Mikrotik Dude to use the OID human readable names rather than the OID ISO names.   When doing an SNMP Walk on an ePMP SM using Mikrotik Dude, it finds and uses the ePMP MIB module, i.e.  "CAMBIUM-PMP80211-MIB", however,  it only shows the OID ISO value name and not the Cambium OID long name or descriptive name or SNMP field names.

See the screenshots attached.  One screenshot shows how within the same SNMP walk of the ePMP SM device it shows the OID long name (SNMP field name) in the RFC module.  But the Cambium ePMP MIB module name it is just displaying the OID ISO name.

For instance, here is what I get when I SNMP Walk an ePMP 5GHz SM using Dude:- <-- OID ISO name

Rather than an OID human readable name (SNMP field name) such as "cambiumEthRXBytes"

So it's difficult to say interpret the results so that you can monitor and graph the vital stats.


Can you double-check and confirm that the Dude is really loading and using the MIB?  What MIB file(s) are you feeding it?

It REALLY sounds like the Dude is either not actually using the MIB, or is encountering some problem parsing it perhaps.


Hi Newkirk;

Yes, it is loading the Cambium MIB. See attached. The MIB file loaded in Dude is "CAMBIUM-ePMP-2.5.2-MIB.txt".  If you look at the first set of screenshot attachments, you will see that it is referencing (loaded) the Cambium MIB module (look at the upper left of the screenshot image).