ePMP Software Release 4.7.1 is now available

I just posted this in the New Feature - Primary AP reconnect thread but since this feature was just introduced in this release, I figure reposting it here could spark more useful discussion:

This is a phenomenal feature but I have one issue and a way to hopefully improve it.

In my particular configuration, each AP has its own data VLAN with a unique subnet and DHCP server. I believe this is a very common configuration for security reasons.

When the SM fails over to the secondary AP (whether it be primary AP failure or just a DFS frequency change) the router behind it will not renew its DHCP lease until it times out (im using Mikrotik so its typically 10 min).

It would be very nice if the SM could signal to the router behind it to auto renew its DHCP lease. This way, the downtime for the end user would only be a matter of seconds. The only way to speed up the DHCP lease renewal is to completely reboot the SM which is a crude way of forcing it.

I think if the SM could trigger a very brief ethernet disconnect/reconnect, it would force the router to renew its lease and reduce the downtime dramatically. I dont think it should be too difficult to add.

If anyone else has a better idea or is experiencing the same issue, please feel free to chime in.