ePMP Software Release 5.4.1 is now available

Supported Platforms

  • ePMP AX based family

Download the firmware and documentation from:

ePMP4600, Force400/425/4600C/4625

Note for 6GHz ePMP AX users

Cambium Networks is making a limited number of 6 GHz ePMP 4600 Series proof of concept kits available for those network operators that have experimental licenses authorizing the use of these radios in 6 GHz. Operators can purchase these radios now and, upon submitting proof of a valid experimental license to the Cambium Networks support team via submitting the support ticket, receive a special software version enabling the 6 GHz channels on these radios. When the FCC officially launches the 6 GHz spectrum, these pre-launch radios will be software upgraded to meet the final band requirements.

Upon initial shipment, these radios will have FCC approval to operate in portions of the 5.725 GHz to 5.850 GHz spectrum and are locked only to these approved frequencies and power level. Transmit power in the 5 GHz band will be considerably lower than a typical 5 GHz radio as the primary function of these radios is to operate in the full 6 GHz band. Once an operator provides evidence of the experimental license to Cambium support , a firmware update will then unlock the full 6 GHz band. It is the operator’s responsibility to fully comply with the regulations dictated in the experimental license.

Features description

The following are the new features introduced in System Release 5.4.1:

MU-MIMO in WLR mode
MU-MIMO (Multi-User Multiple Input Multiple Output) is a technology used for wireless networks that enables multiple SMs to receive data simultaneously from a single Access Point. It works by allowing an access point to transmit data to multiple SMs at the same time using different spatial streams, each of which corresponds to a different antenna on the AP. This allows for greater throughput and better efficiency in the use of wireless network resources, as it enables multiple SMs to receive data at the same time without waiting for their turn.

MU-MIMO uses a technique called beamforming to direct the transmission of data to specific clients, which helps to minimize interference and improve network efficiency. By steering the transmission to specific SMs, the AP can reduce the amount of interference caused by overlapping signals from nearby APs or other sources of interference. This results in a cleaner signal and better network performance.

MU-MIMO is disabled by default and is marked with Beta Quality sign on GUI.
Enabling MU-MIMO can lead to significant throughput increment(up to x2), but it depends on Number of SMs in the Sector, their Distance to AP, angle diversity, etc.
The grouping mechanism is not fully optimized in 5.4.1 firmware and further improvements are coming along with MU-MIMO statistics and indicators that are well known from ePMP3000.


The same option is available via json template in CnMaestro:

    "template_props": {
   	 "templateName":    "",
   	 "templateDescription":    "",
   	 "device_type":    "",
   	 "version":    "5.4.1-RC3"
    "device_props": {

   	 "wlrMUMIMOEnable":    "0"


CLI configuration is below.

E6K_4x4_f00915>config set wlrMUMIMOEnable 1
E6K_4x4_f00915>config commit

SNMP parameter to enable/disable MU-MIMO:

	SYNTAX		Integer32(0|1)
	MAX-ACCESS	read-write
	STATUS		current
		"Control parameter of MU-MIMO in WLR mode:
			0 - MU-MIMO is off
			1 - MU-MIMO is on
			Applicable for: AX devices in WLR mode
			Device Allocation: AP"

Issues Resolved in System Release 5.4.1

TrackingID Product Description
AXG-5714 All PPPoE traffic was not passing through the link when DPI was enabled on AP
AXG-5747 All Tx Power on SM could be 3-4 dBm which is lower than expected.
AXG-5788 All DHCP server configured on ePMP device did not respond to DHCP Discovery requests.
AXG-5824 All Ethernet Port disable/enable option was not working.
AXG-5911 All When a RADAR was detected on SM side, FCC SM was getting disconnected from AP.
AXG-5934 All Significant performance degradation was noticed when DPI (Deep Packet Inspection) was enabled.
AXG-6149 All Traffic was passing to only one SM when Wireless Link Test started to two SMs.
AXG-6199 All Ping Tool was not working.
AXG-6200 All Traceroute Tool was not working
AXG-6324 All Channel bandwidth was disrespected after RADAR detection and switching to the alternate channel.
AXG-6381 All Error appeared during the software upgrade through URL on Force 4525L.
AXG-6386 All MAC-Telnet feature was disabled by default.
AXG-6103 All The MU-MIMO gain could not be achieved with TCP or UDP bi-directional traffic.
AXG-6404 All If more than four SMs were connected and MU-MIMO was disabled, then the total throughput over AP was fluctuating significantly.
AXG-6463 All There was a packet loss in SM on the receiver side if ePMP Force 4626 operates as an AP with the maximal Tx power.
AXG-6660 All The SMs were disconnecting from AP under high load and if the MU-MIMO was enabled.
AXG-6624 All DHCP option 82 did not operate in ePTP mode.
AXG-6885 All Access Points (AP) UIs were not working if more than 25 Subscriber Modules (SM) were connected in WLR mode.
AXG-7015 ePMP 4500 Open DFS channels for ETSI countries according to certification document.
AXG-6829 All All ePMP ac/ax Subscriber Module platforms are restricted to be used in AP PMP role for the following: SKUs: 53504 - 5 GHz Force 425 (ROW)53505 - 5 GHz Force 400C (ROW) 53512 - 5 GHz Force 425 (FCC) 53513 - 5 GHz Force 400C (FCC) 53520 - 6 GHz Force 4600C (ROW/FCC) 53536 - 5 GHz Force 4516 (ROW) 53537 - 5 GHz Force 4525 (ROW) 53538 - 5 GHz Force 4525L ROW) 53544 - 5 GHz Force 4516 (FCC)53545 - 5 GHz Force 4525 (FCC) 53552 - 6 GHz Force 4616 (ROW) 53553 - 6 GHz Force 4625 (ROW) 53560 - 6 GHz Force 4616 USB GPS Radio (FCC) 53561 - 6 GHz Force 4625 USB GPS Radio (FCC)
AXG-6843 All When DPI was enabled, a significant throughput degradation was observed.
AXG-6885 All Access Points (AP) UIs were not working if more than 25 Subscriber Modules (SM) were connected in WLR mode.


  • NAT mode on SMs does not operate when SM is connected through SFP+ port.
  • ePMP Force 4525 and ePMP Force 4525L are not accessible from Ethernet interface if the devices are switched to Spectrum Analyzer mode and the scanning is in progress. The access is restored after the scanning is complete.

I noticed a strange thing.
On the latest software, if the antenna loses access to the Internet, an error will appear and repeats forever :slight_smile:
Please check :slight_smile:

Jul 19 06:02:31 F425_UM_Szczawno DEVICE-AGENT[5212]: Unable to discover cnMaestro URL (re-discover in 348 seconds)
Jul 19 06:18:41 F425_UM_Szczawno creporterd: kernel process_crash… get_crash_data fail : -1
Jul 19 06:38:41 F425_UM_Szczawno creporterd: kernel process_crash… get_crash_data fail : -1
Jul 19 06:58:41 F425_UM_Szczawno creporterd: kernel process_crash… get_crash_data fail : -1
Jul 19 07:18:41 F425_UM_Szczawno creporterd: kernel process_crash… get_crash_data fail : -1
Jul 19 07:38:41 F425_UM_Szczawno creporterd: kernel process_crash… get_crash_data fail : -1
Jul 19 07:58:41 F425_UM_Szczawno creporterd: kernel process_crash… get_crash_data fail : -1
Jul 19 08:18:41 F425_UM_Szczawno creporterd: kernel process_crash… get_crash_data fail : -1
Jul 19 08:38:41 F425_UM_Szczawno creporterd: kernel process_crash… get_crash_data fail : -1

What does this mean? “are restricted to be used in AP PMP role…”

Do I read that correctly to say that Cambium has again removed the ability for an SM to be used as a non-GPS AP in any capacity?


Hi @PFR,

please let me know whether “Share Anonymous Crash Reports” is enabled or disabled on this radio. Or even better just PM me tech support file when it is in progress!
Creporterd is a daemon sending crash reports to our server. It is really helpful for us to improve stability of the radios. Because some crushes happen in production environment only.
In this case it can just indicate inability to send the crash report due to internet access absence. I will take a look into it and we will decide if we have to decrease it’s severity or to remove from the system log completely.

Hello @ninedd,

you are right! But AP mode is still available for ePTP. So point-to-point installations only.

ePMP_Force_425-2020CB_1689757920478.gz.txt (594.9 KB)
Change txt to gz :slight_smile:

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Absolutely unbelievable. Cambium repeatedly proves that we are not on the same team.


Heh this is the Motorola I remember. As I’ve said before I could not believe how unlike Motorola ePMP 1000 was… It was just soo unlike them to offer an innovative product with so many free/open features not disabled in the hardware and/or locked behind license keys. They put in so much time/effort into making it the best hardware solution it could be. Our WISP was probably the best it ever was during ePMP 1000 and 2000 days. That was a great time to be a WISP.

Ubiquiti seems to be losing interest in the WISP market and Mimosa isn’t really doing much so with the competition out of the way Cambium can once again be the king of the hill. I expect them to return more and more to the old ways of just setting back on their throne and taxing their subjects into the mud.


Many manufacturers have suspended the development of wireless equipment due to the fact that billions of dollars are spent on fiber optic investments, for example in Europe. For example, in Poland, a project is now underway to bring optical fiber to every Polish home.
Project worth $2.5 bln. After it, WISP operators in Poland will practically cease to exist.

The second aspect is that people prefer to build optical fiber because of its durability, speed and lack of interference. The costs may be higher, but also the number of customers for faster and more reliable connections is significantly greater.

In my opinion, the era of the radio internet is coming to an end in most countries. It will only stay where the construction of a fiber optic network has no economic justification, but there are few of these locations :slight_smile:

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Just like Italy. If you will follow our path you’ll have many years ahead. Customers not always want to change, and many (MANY!) of them won’t get the fiber soon

Never had so many angry customers like the ones with our “national fiber service”.
A lot of faults, and many of them take days to repair, not as our customers were used to.

I agree.

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The network in Poland is built in the wholesale model, each operator, even the smallest one, can buy access for the rates set by the electronic communication office :wink:
Thanks to this, you are not stuck with one operator, and usually you have 3-5 operators to choose from :slight_smile: