ePMP Software Release 5.6.1 is now available

Supported Platforms

  • ePMP AX Platforms

Download the firmware and documentation from:


No new features have been added in Release 5.6.1, it includes several important bug fixes, which are listed in ‘Defects fixed’ section.

Defects Fixed

Tracking ID Products Description
AXG-8114 All Separate Management Interface was not applied in NAT mode.
AXG-8585 All An Updating pop-up notification was displayed in GUI when the spectrum analyzer was running in background.
AXG-8651 All Stability improvements for TDD mode.
AXG-8844 All The Uplink Max rate configured in TDD mode was applied as Downlink Max rate when the device is switched to WLR mode.
AXG-8851 All Subscriber Module (SM) was disconnecting from Access Point (AP) if PPPoE server was not reachable.
AXG-8866 All AP or SM was crashed when DPI was enabled.


Flexible Licensing is disabled in firmware and is not supported.


==Flexible Licensing is disabled in firmware and is not supported.==
What does that mean exactly?
I have a license that turns an EU device into a ROW device. Is this no longer supported with bad firmware?

Flexible Licensing was used for Elevate SMs connection through the centralized licensing server.


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Can we get this added to cnMaestro cloud please? Thanks!

@Anish could you please help us on that?


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