ePMP Software Release 5.6 is now available

Supported Platforms

  • ePMP AX Platforms

Download the firmware and documentation from:


TDD Mode
ePMP links operate using TDD. The links employ a TDD cycle in which the AP determines which
Subscriber Modules may transmit and when based on the configured downlink/uplink ratio (duty cycle).
TDD Variable Ratio is available from day one.
The feature allows to configure TDD ratio values in the range 75/25 - 30/70 with a step 5.
Flexible mode is available for the configuration as well.

Defects Fixed

Tracking ID Products Description
AXG-7765 All SMs were not able to associate with an AP with the “ERROR PROP DELAY CALCULATION” error message.
AXG-8068 All SMs were not able to connect with “INVALID SECURITY KEY” the disconnect error message.
AXG-8207 All General stability improvements for devices operating in the TDD mode.
AXG-8258 All Spectrum Analyzer stability improvements
AXG-8380 All Combined SNR/RSSI were calculated incorreclty in rare occasion
AXG-8381 All RSSI values became lower if the device was under noise injection.
AXG-8414 Force4625 GPS page was missing on UI
AXG-8468 Force4525, Force4625 Stability Improvements for Force4625 and Force4525 operating in TDD mode.
AXG-8467 All SMs association takes long time in TDD mode.
AXG-8450 All Incorrect Uplink RSSI calculation…
AXG-7319 All SMs disconnect when operating in TDD mode.


It’s not recommended to use Force4xxx SMs in NAT mode. Some configuration changes in NAT mode may require SM’s reboot to be applied.


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I noticed in the 5.6 beta the cautionary limitation to not use SM in NAT mode and understood that to be because it was still in beta. Now I see 5.6 with TDD is in general release but still has the NAT mode limitation. What is the timeline to correct that issue? We are currently using SMs in NAT mode and intend to continue to do so moving forward. Can the issue regarding SM in NAT mode be better explained?



We are working on the issue.
Actually we are testing the fix right now.
And 5.6.1 Beta will be released shortly(7-10days).

If you are enabling Separate Wireless interface it doesn’t come up until the reboot of the SM.
That can happen with any other networking parameter configuration in NAT mode.
Rebooting the SM solves the issue.



Thanks! Glad to hear it is being worked on and I appreciate the explanation

TCP performance seems to have improved since the TDD alpha/beta we were running in December.

Wondering how much SNR before we should expect to see modulations higher than MCS7 on a 40Mhz channel?

On ePMP3000 I’ve got subs showing MCS8 as low as 28 SNR and MCS9 as low as 30 SNR, yet I’ve got a sub connected to 4500 not getting more than MCS7, despite 31 SNR.