EPMP System Release 4.4 Update - ATTENTION WHEN UPDATING - for ePMP 1000

I have had the following problem updating the ePMP System Release software:

When restarting the ePMP 1000 terminal, after updating to version 4.4, I had a problem with the default password of the device, I have used “admin / admin” from the previous version, but when updating this password it does not work, so I had to apply RESET with the physical button on the equipment.

I recommend only using the following update:


ePMP radios running System Release 2.1 or earlier cannot be directly upgraded to System Release 2.6.1 or later. Please upgrade to System Release 2.6 first, then upgrade to System Release 2.6.1 or later. Stepping through System Release 2.6 is not required if the ePMP radio is running System Release 2.2 or later

This software on the ePMP Page is for Cambium ePMP devices ONLY!!. For non-Cambium devices use the ePMP Elevate Software.