ePMP time update

Hi Team,

Currently ePMP Radios needs NTP server in order to update time either it is on internet or on local network.

But in some case customer does not want its Radio to expose on internet or they do not have internet at all and they also dont have local NTP server. In this case ePMP remain at its default time.

There must be a way to set time manually or if We connect radio to NTP server after that it should show updated time. in our case when we connect Radio to internet with NTP server it upgrade time and when we remove it from internet it goes back to its default time.


sajid Khan

Related to this, the radio should switch from daylight savings to standard time and back again based on information from NTP server. Or at least allow a manual setting for when to switch  - i.e. the last Saturday of March and the first Saturday of November. It shouldn't be a manual setting that has to be changed twice/year