ePMP vs Apple

Hello guys, I have this problem, I have a Canopy network and I'm moving to ePMP in my network have the CPE in Bridge at the clients home and a hotspot in a Mikrotik in borba authenticating the client's MAC thus controlling access and speed of customers. But all customers'm migrating to ePMP that has Apple devices (iPad, iPhone, Macbook, I ...) can not browse sites like facebook, youtube, yahoo ... all with https and believe html5. And if I go back to the client Canopy not apresnta problem.
My ePMP come with this problem since version 2.1 and I come and I'm updating version 2.4 and CPE ranging in 2.3.4 and 2.4

I'm running 2.3.4 and haven't seen this.

Are you doing bridged or NAT?  Tried alternating?

use in bridge and not changed, because I do not want the radio do the nat.
But I realized that this occurs when packets that pass in ePMP are in the conntrack table even not using NAT on my network. The hotspot is a NAT 1: 1, and noticed a retramissão TLS packets and so the pages open with difficulty or not open when I disable the conntrack the retrasmissão finish

Hello Dimas,

Are your issues only with HTTPS? Does HTTP works? Have you verified your network for MTU misconfiguration/mismatch? You can do this from a Windows PC but if you want to use an Apple product, you could refer to this link: http://www.macgurulounge.com/manually-managing-mtu-size-in-mac-os-x/


 if you are using this range in the nat - this range Apple devices do not like it.