Epmp web interface change

it would be nice to be able to set what each user level is able to access.
Example for our needs:
Admin will always have full access
Installer needs access to almost all of the tools, the system tab, the network tab and only the scan list under radio.
Home just needs access to the monitor tab and the ping and traceroute tools
and Read-only only needs access to the main status page with no tabs.

This could be a simple user page in the config tab that shows a user name in a drop box and when one is selected a list of tabs and the sub pages with check boxes to activate the tab and page. The base system is already there as there are different allowed pages per user so this shouldnt be a hard thing to do.

Being able to select the per user access tab and pages would allow many others to configure access to meet their needs and restrict which pages users can login to so that information that isnt needed is not a factor. It would be nice to have a contractor that can install without having to give them too much access to be able to confirm the alignment.

I agree. I would like either Home or Read-only to have access to the eAlign page. I have several customers that self install or want to re-align their radio if the wind blows their radio out of alignment.