ePMP Webinar on April 2nd - Open Q&A with product management and engineering team

Please join us tomorrow April 2nd at 9AM CDT for an ePMP webinar.

Register here:


I'll be joined by Sakid Ahmed who leads the ePMP team.  We'll discuss latest ePMP 3000 results from the field,  give previews of some upcoming products and software releases and discuss the future direction of the ePMP portfolio.

Of course we'll have plenty of time for questions as well so please bring your questions (or post them here ahead of time if you'd like).

Regards, Bruce

ePMP Director of Product Management

Quick question - the time given above is "9AM CST", but most states in the Central Time Zone are on CDT (Central Daylight Time), not CST (Central Standard Time), so is the Webinar at 9AM in Illinois (which would be CDT)?

thanks for catching.  It is 9AM CDT (Chicago).  - Bruce

So that would be... 8 AM in Saskatchewan then?  Saskatchewan doesn't do this ''savings time black magic nonsense' that everyone else does - so we are Central STANDARD Time all year.  And that would be 7 AM British Columbia and California time?

Will this webinar be published as a recorded event ? I missed it and would like to know what it was about.

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