EPMP Wifi Connection to Ubiquiti AP's in WiFi Mode

I am unable to get any 5GHz EPMP SM to talk to Ubiquiti AP's in wifi mode. With version 2.3.4 I was able to see AP's that were in Airmax mode but not in WiFi mode. This seemed backwards to me and I loaded 2.4 today, I can no longer see the two APs that were in airmax mode but can still not see the Ubnt WiFi APs. With a NSM5 we can see the wifi mode APs we're tryin to connect to at roughly a -67.

We are getting ready to start our busy season of installations and network upgrades and have wanted to start installing EPMP in WiFi mode to help ease the burden of forklifting the rest of the subscribers and switch to TDD when we're ready.

Please advise.



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Hello Josh,

We have an issue in fw version 2.4.0 in which the Monitor->Wireless page in the SM does not display detected AP entries at all. I believe this is what you are running into. We should have this bug and other GUI bugs fixed soon.

Sorry for the inconvenience,