epmp1000 2.4 Great Downlink, awful uplink


I recently put up a 4 sector cluster on a cell tower.  I have KPP dual band antennas.  I've only connected a few customers.  The 5gig connections are great, but the 2 2.4ghz connections both show great downlink (79mbps) and horrible uplink (1.1mbps).  I'm using frequency reuse on back to back sectors and I have the front/back settings accordingly.  Edetect shows the opposite sector AP as the only interferer.  I'm puzzled by this.  Using Force 200 as the SM.  3.5.1 software.

Any help - I'm pretty new with ePMP.



For Frequency Reuse you can use Antennas with F/B(front to back) ratio not worse than 30 dB.
What is KP’s Antennas F/B ratio?

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Hello rpmiller,

Synchronization set to GPS and receiving sync? Internal will not provide synchronization between the colocated APs.



Also what is the Subscriber Module Target Receive Level set to on the AP under Configuration->Radio?


Good questions all - thanks!

The KPP antenna is only 27dB F/B, so maybe that's part of the problem.  Sync is CMM4 (I'm using Packetflux gear) and working.And the target receive level is -60dBm.  I did just notice that the co-location mode under sync is disabled.  I don't know what that setting is for.  The RSSI for the subscriber in question is -50 down/-65 up.

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Cell carrier interference thread

Check the link above out. The fact you have downlink at -50, but uplink at a -65 even though it is set for -60 leads me to believe you have the same problem as Chris. 

Btw, we have not been impressed with the F/B ratio of the KP single band 2.4 sectors...but, in this case, the KP's are not your problem. 

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@rpmiller wrote:

Edetect shows the opposite sector AP as the only interferer.  I'm puzzled by this.

Hi.  First I must say, we've used lots of non-Cambium gear in 2.4Ghz and when we switched to ePMP, it's been night-and-day better.  It's been wonderful, fantastic, and... wonderful.

That being said - it's not perfect, and some of the deficits leave me scratching my head.  I'm my opinion, eDetect is brain dead and essentially useless as a tool.  It only displays interferers on the exact same channel and width as your AP.

@so - if your AP is set to 2447 @ 10 Mhz, and there is an interferer centered at 2447 but @ 20 Mhz channel width, eDetect will not detect it.  Or if you have your AP set to 2457 and the interferer is centered at 2462, as we know it will actually still be overlapping and interfering, but eDetect will not detect it.

So for us ePMP has been wonderful - but unfortunately eDetect is not very effective, and in my opinion eDetect saying 'no interferers' is not really useful information.

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if someone there is using 2.5ghz, you'll need to get cavity filters for them to work right.  

you'll lose 3db up and downlink, but you'll get your performance back.    sprint uses 2.5 here and pushing a 100 watts through them.   its just way to much co-band noise for the epmp or any radio for that fact to deal with without a filter. 

we also use the KP sectors, they work but don't expect uplink to be better than MCS13 for the uplink in reuse situations.  

you'll need 2 filters for each AP, I'd suggest using the 8 pole and clear only the specific channel your using.  does the best job cutting 60db out of sprint so your radios can work well.        if you use the 4 pole full band, and they are using the lower end of the 2.5 band, you may not clear it out enough to work.     whoever owns the tower can give you that information.  

also, if you run a spectrum analyzer, you will not see the noise FYI...   if your floor looks clean, thats your problem. 

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