ePMP1000 after reset

hi all, i have an ePMP1000, i have forget password, then ill follow instruction for factory reset, but im still not able to login in, with admin / admin, blank/blank, admin/password, admin/1234

If you haven’t disabled or changed the ‘installer’ account, then you can try logging in with that user/pass.

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no, i havent disabled it… ill try user / pass but didnt work…

So, you’re saying you can’t log in with either the Admin account, nor the installer account?

Your reset probably didn’t take. They can be a bit finicky. If the unit is where you can see the LEDs, hold the reset button until you see the LEDs cycle flash, which takes almost 15 seconds. You can also user the power reset option which is described in the manual and posted inf the forum.

So by default there are two accounts enabled on ePMP

admin / admin
installer / installer

there is also a setting in the radio " Retain Passwords"

If that setting is enabled then defaulting the radio does not reset the passwords and you will either have to figure out what the password is or throw the radio in the trash.

There is the possibility that the retain passwords box has been checked.
Use another epmp1000 in AP mode, link it to cnMaestro and enable zero touch. Claim the locked out radio by serial number into cnMaestro. Once the two make a link (can take 30 mins or more as the default scan list is every channel on every width) use cnMaestro to push a config from another radio that you can access. Then access the locked out radio using the new password from the donor radio. Once the config has been pushed, you may need to reboot the radio once it relinks back to the AP, this also requires you to set this AP to the same frequency and channel size as what the donor radio expects.