ePMP1000 Authentication

I have set the SSID of an AP (not cambium) and set the Authentication setting as “None” in the quick start tab. I have saved and rebooted the ePMP but when I look in Security tab I see that EAP-TLS and WAP2 re enabled and I cannot edit these items. Consequently the SMA will not connect to the AP.

Set it up with normal config. Not using quick config.
Always update both the Ap and the SM, You have to select the country in the Ap at first or select other. Then create your SSID go to security tab and use a simple password.
Configure you SM with same settings. When you use none they have to be in the same firmware, updated and other things. So it is better to do everything step by step.

Sorry by the way… you’ve said that your AP is not cambium?, please confirm since that is a whole another story.

The AP is an OutdoorRouter as mentioned. I have screenshots of the AP settings in the router and the SM settings in the ePMP1000