ePMP1000 can´t connect to cnMaestro

cnMaestro Connection Status
Resolving URL

I've gone through that before but in my case I had the wrong password kind of a typo. Once fixed it resolves the URL

Is the cnMaestro URL programmed into the unit an IP address or a FQDN?  (the latter of course will fail without DNS)  Cloud cnMaestro or on-premises?


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I am usign the Cloud service, if it is an ePMP product you need to enter 

This is under the System Menu

1.-)Enable CnMaestro 

2.-) Enter the following link


3.-) Enter Cambium ID

4.-) Enter password

save changes and reboot unit. It should work 

I have done everything you tell me and nothing happens

Have you entered DNS server IP address in Network section on ePMP device, as Newkirk mentioned above?

Thank you.