epmp1000 , close range, can't use 20&40 mhz channel

Hi , i  have problem with a close range epmp1000 link, about 75 meters. always use the 10mhz channel and speed is 25mbits or so.

we want to speed the link as the link plannerprovide at 40mhz channel to speed of 160mbits

i program the acces poitn to ePTP master, 10 to 40 mhz are checked, and deifferent freq for each channel. and do the same on the SM. 

SM is synchronized with 10mhz channel, but when uncheck it & leave 20-40 mhz channel, is scanning with no result of registering.

i have upgrade to the last version 3.2.2, same thing.   

why i can't use 20 or 40mhz channel? & no sych?


You would have to set the AP to 40 MHz and specify a frequency.

On the SM/slave/cpe you need to make sure the specified frequency or all frequencies under 40 MHz are checked.

no result, always scanning without registering


Is the SM in ePTP Slave mode (Configuration->Radio, Driver Mode - ePTP Slave) ?

yes, eptp slave & eptp master

@cobra_50 wrote:

yes, eptp slave & eptp master


Can you please post screenshots of the following pages from both ePTP Master and ePTP Slave?

1. Configuration->Radio

2. Monitor->Wireless



I Think you should change the auto detect channel to manual mode.