ePMP1000 doubles multicast traffic


I have a problem: ePMP1000 (Version 3.5.1) doubles multicast traffic.

STB is directly connected to Subscriber Module and watching 1 group with average bitrate approx:

Egress Speed(bps):                4,879,490  -- this goes to ePMP1000 AP!!!!!!!!!!!!

But on web of Subscriber Module and Access Point at Throughput Chart I see a different picture: 9 to 10 Mbit of traffic.

on these screenshots you can see

SM 2018-01-24 12-10-40.png - Subscriber Module

AP 2018-01-24 12-10-25.png  - Access Point

Why it is happening?


Are you sure only Multicast traffic is running through the link?

Could you please reset statistics on Monitor -> Performance page and then take screenshot in 10-20 seconds ?

Is only 1 SM connected to AP?
Is Reliable Multicast option enabled on AP?

Thank you.


1. I am sure of it. Only multicast traffic. Only 1 STB is connected directly to SM.

2. Yes, only 1 SM.

3. Reliable Multicast option is enabled 


Issue was reproduced in Lab and we are investigating it right now.
I will revert to you with updates shortly.

Thank you.

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Thank you!

I will wait

Looks like Multicast packets/traffic are counted twice for Throughput graphs.

We will fix that in the next release.

Thank you.



When will be released new fw?



Unfortunately we don't have accurate release date for it yet.

Approximately in 1.5-2 monthes.

Please note issue is related only to statistics representation and doesn't affect major functional.

Sorry for inconveniences.

Thank you.

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