ePMP1000 GPS bricked after reset to defaults

I had an older GPS unit in good working condition, but forgot the password.  After trying several passwords, I decided to reset the unit.

I attempted a reset per instruction about 3 times with no changes in config.

The fourth time, the radio stopped responding all together.

It acts like it boots up.  When I run wireshark I see the device requesting DHCP.  When I provide a DHCP server, it never accepts the dhcp offer.

It doesn't respond on,, or

Doing the power-on reset sequence does nothing to help either.

Cambium support said it's dead hardware.

WTF?  I can tell you I've never had a Ubiquiti radio die by pressing the reset button.

What happened to the dual-flash bank unbreakable awesomeness of this radio?

This gives me some concern that Cambium gear isn't so reliable.

Has anyone else experienced this issue?  Even better, does anyone have a fix?

I've had plenty of UBNT gear die on a sunny afternoon for no apparently reason.    literally dozens of stations of the approx 1k radios we had total. 

as far as that problem is consered, the backup bank kicks in on 5 failed boot attempts,   you can try and artificially cause a problem by powering it, wait about 10 seconds so its mid boot and cut power, do this 5 times and try to access it.  that might cause the backup bank to kick in. 

there also was a firmware version that had a DNS snag to delay access to the gui when the radio doesn't get a valid DNS address.  i don't recall the version but the radio just needs to sit 15 minutes and you'll get it.  then upgrade to the latest version.  

if that doesn't work, try taking away your DHCP server from this unit,  let it boot and try to access the radio   let it sit about 2 minutes to be sure its ready to grab.   if the firmware is extremely old, use the reset pin on the radio itself and try to access via the default IP address again.     the reset procedures have changed slightly since 1.x verisons


Awsome helpful post by Chris Bay. :)  If the radio is alive, one of Chris's suggestions will probably find it. :)