ePMP1000 hotspot firmware


I need the ePMP1000 hotspot firmware. There are not any firmware in Internet. I looking for everywhere but i I was not lucky.


If it’s onboarded to cnMaestro, you can upgrade the firmware there.

Thanks Cheree, but my equipments don’t have the firmware that cnMaestro support. ones have older firmware versions

Hi @Pablo_Bertolone,

here you go https://support.cambiumnetworks.com/files All FWs, along with betas and archive.
In case you have some very old FW you will have to do step upgrade through 3.5.6

In case you meet some difficulties you can raise a support ticket and our engineer will assist you with the upgrade. “Submit a request” in the right top: https://support.cambiumnetworks.com/

The ePMP1000 hotspot does not have firmware 3.5.6

There is some confusion happening here, the OP has asked for HOTSPOT firmware and he is being told to use PTMP firmware.
I have PM’d him and am waiting an answer.