epmp1000 ntp getting wrong time

We have a bunch of these in the field but this one SM will not get the correct time and date. 5 GHz Force 190 Radio (FCC). No matter what I do it will not change from 01 Sept 2015. I've changed NTP servers, re-installed 3.5.1 a few times and even downgraded t0 3.4.1 with no joy.

It's connecting to a epmp2000 AP and it and every other SM connected to it all have the corect date and time (today for example June 21, 2018).

Is this a malfunctioning clock on the SM??

Hello John,

If you use the ping utility in the SM GUI (Tools->Ping), can you ping the NTP server IP that you have configured in the SM?


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Weird. Your suggestion was good. The radio could not ping the NTP servers. They are same ones that are being used just fine on all the other SMs on that AP AND that I can ping ok from the other SMs.

I went down the list of ntp servers and found two I could ping from our network and from that SM and the time corrected. I don't understand why THAT SM can't ping the NTP servers that the other SMs can ping just fine.

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