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I have a PtP link from an AP and STA. Due to the interference on a ACS choosen channel, I run the ACS on the AP again and it changed channel to another frequency. This is reported on the Home page of the AP, but until I reload/refresh the GUI on the STA, the frequency reported on the STA remain reporting the previous one.

Q: Why is the STA able to raise TX Power automatically over 22dBm and the AP is unable to be set to more than 15dBm manually?

Hi Willi,

This should generally not happen assuming you are running units in some country regulations (EIRP limit). Could you please send us the following information:

1. version of the codes you are running @ both AP and SM

2. country code settings @ AP

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the AP unit is a HW generic ETSI version on a test link, temporarily using the Other (OT) region code.

Antenna Gain is set to 13dB, operating frequency is now 5865 MHz and once I raise the TX Power from 15dBm to 16, warning message appers pointing to Notification for details. There is information, that for Other regions, 5.47 - 5.88 GHz, up to 30dBm should be possible. But even for FCC/ETSI regions it should be 23dBm. So, something must be wrong.

Hi Willi,

Generic ETSI is more restrictive than any European country. If you are running Other country licence than you should be able to set any power that hardware supports. Could you please provide remote access to my email so I could have a look what is wrong?


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Hi Willi,

If the country code is set to Other despite of the warning displayed, you can still set required power and unit will respect it. I'll report to software engineers that the behaviour is misleading.

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hi all 

ive got this message ... 

20:24:42 The Transmitter Output Power limitations 5.x GHz bands are:

For ETSI and FCC regions:
5.1-5.2 GHz: 18 dBm
5.47-5.725 GHz: 13-16 dBm
5.725-5.88 GHz: 23 dBm.

For other regions:
5.1-5.47 GHz: 27 dBm
5.47-5.88 GHz: 30 dBm.

For Thailand Country code
5.27 - 5.33 20Mhz: 23 dBm
5.48 – 5.715 20Mhz: 30 dBm
5.74 – 5.835 20Mhz: 30 dBm.

my config is in frec. 5545 ...in spain (etsi/fcc region)

and i cannot set it higher than 15 dbm

is this a set up problem?? a hardware limitation??

here we are able to use in that frec up to 30dbm

its on a ptp link (2x epmp1000 sync)