ePMP1000 set Network Entry RSSI/SNR thresholds on the AP

Currently, only the SM has the settings for Network Entry RSSI and SNR thresholds.
I’d like to see such settings added on the AP side as well, so it works in the other direction (AP allows only strong enough stations to connect).
The network is managed from the AP side, and wrong setting on the SM can’t be corrected if that SM doesn’t connect anymore (needs a truck roll). Also, you could have some threshold set on all APs but if one sector fails, relax the setting on the two adjacent sectors temporarily (this way at least some customers weill get some service, weak signal and poor performance but better than no service at all). UBNT has had the Sensitivity Threshold setting on their M5 series APs for a long time, please implement it too.

this would be ideal. I hate when a radio fades below the threshold and ends up disconnecting but wont come back online