ePMP1000 SM compatibility with ePMP3000 AP

I have an infrastructure build on ePMP1000 only. ePMP1000 plays the role of AP as well as SM. I want to upgrade AP to ePMP3000.

1) Is ePMP1000 SM compatible with ePMP3000 AP? I have found nothing in data sheets and release notes about it.

2) If so then can I estimate the performance boost from using the ePMP3000?

For backwards and forwards compabitlity between e1k/e2k/e3k (N and AC radios) please use the 4.4.2 firmware on all radios.

Swapping from an e1k to e3k AP will result in about a 10% performance boost due to short GI and LDPC optimizations. To see additional performace gains you'll need to start upgrading N clients to AC clients, and then you can start to realize 256QAM and MU-MIMO downlink benefits.